Welcome To The Stage

StageDiveSo what is The Social Platform? That’s an easy question with a slightly difficult answer. We’re looking to keep you updated on everything you know to be important in the social world; and everything you didn’t know was important at the same time.

The social world is a complete beast that can quickly take over your life at a moment’s notice. It’s almost hard to imagine a point in time when it was possible to sit in your room and completely avoid interacting with anyone. Today, you can be a recluse that suffers from Agoraphobia and still find a way to be considered a “social butterfly.” But even still, what on Earth are you supposed to do when there is so much to choose from on a daily basis?

The possibilities are nearly endless. You can stay in and socially watch your favorite sports events or television shows with everyone online. You’ll have the comfort of being the only person on the couch but with Twitter and Facebook, you don’t have to watch alone. A few strokes across the keyboard or the face of your phone and you’ve started a conversation like someone is sitting right there next to you. You don’t even have to play video games alone anymore as it’s nearly mandatory that systems and games come with some form of online multiplayer option.

You want to go out? Great, now where are you going to go? Exactly, that’s a tough question in its own right. There are so many different places for your every need. You want a great meal? Pick from the thousands of local and chain restaurants. Looking for a new party spot? There’s a new lounge or club popping up every month with a new promoter claiming to have the best happy hour or night cap at their venue. Then don’t forget the myriad of special events, amusement parks, shows and everything else that is available in most major metro centers.

So that is where The Social Platform will come into play. We’re not going hold your hand and tell you what to do; that would be too easy. Instead, this will become the place to learn just what’s going on in major areas while letting those of us who want to be social from home know how we can do so online. Everything from the latest venues to the hottest shows will be covered right here and in detail on The Social Platform. And when you’re ready to dive in, we’ll gladly give you that first push off.


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