Live The Life Of James Bond

BondDay dreaming about exotic locales and high tech gadgets is a day dream that swirls around many of our minds. While we sit in school or at our desk, we’d rather be caught up in dramatic car chases or secretly protecting the free world. James Bond has done it for decades, so why can’t we? While we can’t live the life of an 00 agent, the International Spy Museum has given us an in-depth look into that world of espionage.

007 Exhibit: 50 Years of Bond Villains

For fifty years the world of James Bond has captivated viewers through the generations. The recent release of James Bond: Skyfall has created a new group of fans that will push the film to a wider audience. Whether your favorite Bond is one of the present or the past, the fact still stands that he is perhaps one of the most captivating characters

Bond3Throughout this exhibit you will get the opportunity to see exactly what made each of these villains tick and how they tried to destroy Bond along the way. Everything from their hideouts, weapons and secret bases are available for your exploration. The 50 Years of Bond Villains exhibit is an excellent trip idea for our inner geek that cannot be satisfied by video games or feature films alone.

For starters, you can get a behind the scenes look at Ian Fleming, the man who created James Bond decades ago. The tour gives you the opportunity to see the inspirations for some of the storylines behind Bond that came from the World War II era. Patrons can also tour what the world would be like if some of James Bonds greatest villains succeeded in destroying the human race or taking over the world. In one of the more interesting parts of the exhibit the “Drugs and Thugs” section of the exhibit showcases the development of the drug trade and how it has been chronicled through television and movies.

SkyfallThe International Spy Museum has created a captivating exhibit by allowing patrons to get an up close look at the world of espionage through the eyes of James Bond and the villains he faced time and time again. We can’t save the world from the dastardly villains that hide in the shadows, but visiting this exhibit will inspire the day dreams we visit every day.

For more information visit the Spy Museum Website


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