Let’s Get Socially Fit

CrossiftFebruary has just started and that quickly the first month of the year has passed. It seems like yesterday when there was confetti falling from the sky and strangers kissing while bringing in the New Year. And it was also a few short weeks ago when people were making promises to be more fit in the year 2013. Already the mighty have fallen. But not everyone has given up on the hope. Instead, there is a new trend for those looking to get their summer body together and they can be called the “Socially Fit” crew.

The idea of being socially fit is pretty simple. Very few people enjoy the idea of spending hours in the gym, running in place on the treadmill or picking up and putting down the same weights day after day. To help combat the burn out that is bound to come, people are now enlisting their friends to act as motivation, competition and comrades in the battle to be fit. Being socially fit together gives them the opportunity to hit their goals while having someone help them along the way.

As gyms begin to cater towards those that are looking for more than machines and weights, there are a number of classes available to reach those working out with friends. Cross fit, boot camp, yoga, pilates and multiple other classes bring people together to make them sweat while working muscles they didn’t know they had.

The technology world is also in the bag when trying to keep people working together. New phone apps will hold you accountable to not only friends, but complete strangers when you make the sacred pact of getting into better shape.

Gym Pact, for example, requires you to attach your checking account information to your promise to attend the gym regularly. When you fail on your promise and do not check into the gym, you will be writing a check in another sense as money will be withdrawn from your account and distributed to other users who actually held up their end of the promise.

FitsbyFitsby is another application that fits the same mold, but instead of giving the money to strangers, the case will be given to your friends. Quite the get rich quick scheme for those of us who are into fitness and have a number of friends that frequently flake on training. If money is their motivation then either of these apps may be enough to get them off of their butt.

Working out alone gets boring even for the people who were in the gym since they could walk. Get your friends together and join into the practice of being socially fit and not only hit your goals but cheer your friends on as they do the same thing.


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