Daytime, Funtime

DayParty1Spring and summer days make for some of the best party moments of the year. Perhaps it’s the lengthened days due to daylights saving time or the fact that everyone that hibernated all winter are making their way out of the house; either way, this season is the best time to host or attend any event. Enter the day party.

Set between the times of 4 and 8pm, the day party presents the option to get in on a good party without having to be out all night. Imagine getting together with your core group of friends to enjoy drinks, food, hookah and great music while the sun is still up and you can really see what everyone looks like before the 3am surprise. That’s in essence the allure of the day party during the warm months of the year.

Another captivating draw to the day party is the idea that these events are a welcoming, laid-back networking affair. Being amongst scores of young professionals before the outrageous, late night partying begins gives attendees the opportunity to talk about more than taking shots or the waitress in the tight dress. Some promoters have also created a series of parties that are sponsored by local businesses and entrepreneurs looking to gain more exposure so these events can create a lead into some long term partnerships.

Look for the events that are hosted out doors are on roof tops of hotels or other venues. At least, find a location that has an outdoor patio or some area that allows you to enjoy the bright sun. That is the whole point of the day party, being outside to enjoy the same aspects that normally keep people cramped in dark stuff clubs and lounges.

If you don’t like being out all night, dealing with the unruly crowds that attend most venues after hours, the day party season is quickly approaching. Experience all the bonuses of the social world without having to deal with all the detractions that come late at night or early in the morning. Day party season; the best time of the year.


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