Going Out Vs. Staying In

The night life is always going to be alluring. Bottles, tables, “ballers”, women and everything else that comes with being what is considered a “socialite” will forever get people out until the waking hours of the morning. Many spent their winter nights in the arm of their cuff buddy but now that choosing season is back it’s time to hunt those rabbits. But as always, the never ending battle of staying in and going out will rage on.

The arguments to go out versus staying in both have their pluses and minuses. In the end, it all determines who you are and what you’re looking for at this point in life.

The Argument to Stay In

gamenightWho wants to go out to fight against traffic, stand in line, pay for high priced drinks that will be spilt on you and listen to the same music week in and week out? Doesn’t sound to enticing right? Well, you’re not the only one who thinks this way.

Every week there’s someone creating another excuse to avoid their friends’ invites to come out into the night life. Listening to these people would have you thinking that going out is as boring as watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” in March. While they have decided to avoid the stuffy clubs and lounges that doesn’t mean they have to give up on having a social life. In fact, they can have just as much if not more fun with creating events from their own home.

Get on the horn and invite your friends over for a game night, viewing party of the latest TV show or just create an excuse to get together to drink. You don’t have to go out to enjoy your friends, but everyone can have just as much fun without worrying about the bouncers or having to front a cover charge.

In The Streets

Sitting home too much of a drag for you? Fine…get dressed, grab some cash and hit the streets. If you’re known enough then you won’t have to worry about standing in line or having to pay a cover charge to get into the best places in the city. Surely you know enough bouncers and promoters that you can roam the streets whenever you want and not have to deal with the stresses of “common folk” right? Joking aside, everyone knows someone to smartly take advantage of it to enjoy your night out.

With so many different types of locations arounnightlifed it would be difficult to find something that didn’t interest you. Whether you live in a major area like New York City or a smaller location like Fayetteville, North Carolina; there’s always a diversity of events around. As social media grows groups like the Party Radar (@Party_Radar on Twitter) are keeping the public abreast of the best events and venues each night.

If you’re more of the flashy type that likes to purchase tables and look exclusive be prepared to spend a few coins to do so. Exclusive seating and waitress service may look great, but just don’t extend your welcome to everyone because the liquor will run dry quickly and 10 guys splitting one table can almost become comical.

As it warms up outside be ready to deal with more “what are you doing tonight” or “what’s the move” texts and tweets. Going out versus staying in will have bonuses on both sides of the board but the main goal is to just find a way to enjoy your evening.


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