Hostages Of The Movie Theater: Part 1 Of The Summer Movie Previews

I am far from a movie expert, or even a buff. I can’t recite directors, producers or budgets at whim (well sometimes I can) but I am a movie lover. I luuuuuub me some movies. They bring me joy even when they make me sad. Luckily for us summer is not the season for sad movies; it’s the season for blowing ish up and then laughing at the destruction.
And it just so happens that my birthday always falls near the summer movie kick-off weekend. In the last decade Hollywood has found that there is no better way to start the season than with a superhero movie. Last year a group of friends and I went to see The Avengers as part of my weekend celebrations, the year before that it was Thor and in 2010 it was Iron Man 2. That brings me to this May when Iron Man 3 will premiere on May 3 (love the symmetry) and yes I will be buying tickets in advance for a midnight viewing. Happy Birthday to me!!!

Iron Man 3 is just the beginning of what looks to be a great money making summer for the movie studios and great fun for fans. If you enjoy laughing, superheroes or anything supernatural then we might run into each other at a theater this summer. Now let’s break them down:



GreatGatsbyThe Great Gatsby – Baz Luhrman is directing this opulent adaption of the classic novel. He is the man behind Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet and he has Leonardo Dicaprio playing the mysterious, wealthy neighbor of Tobey Maguire. SOLD!

Star Trek: Into the Darkness – I was raised on Star Trek and the new franchise keeps the history and feel of the original while making it modern. In there! (My sister and I have already talked about going)

Fast and Furious 6 – The whole crew is back and…SPOILER ALERT!!!! Leti’s not dead!!! If you caught the teaser at the end of the Fast Five 5 credits you knew this already but it has been made official in the new trailer. I don’t need much convincing; they had me at Vin Diesel.
Hangover III – I did not like the second installment, it’s like they were trying too hard. As the first big comedy of the summer I’m hoping that by going back to the scene of the original crime the guys will be able to get original laughs.
Epic –I’m not sure if the studio thought they were casting an animated movie or the next judges for American Idol. Beyonce, Pitbull and Steven Tyler are part of an all-star cast of voices for the summer’s first children’s movie about a teen girl who finds herself battling alongside new friends in the war between good and evil.

Now You See Me – I am too excited for this movie. You have master illusionists who rob banks at the same time they are performing for huge crowds, who then are the recipients of the gang’s haul. And Morgan Freeman!
Mmanofsteelan of Steel – As ready as I am for Iron Man 3, I wish this was the movie coming out on my birthday. The newest incarnation of Clark Kent/Superman is Henry Cavill who was excellent as Charles Brandon on The Tudors. Did I mention he’s British…exactly.

Monsters University – I know this is a “kids” movie but I loved Monster’s Inc ., you can’t go wrong with Pixar. Both Billy Crystal and John Goodman are back for this prequel and they added the voices of Steve Buscemi and Helen Mirren.
World War Z – Zombies are in style and Brad Pitt will always be. In this apocalyptic thriller, Pitt plays a UN employee who tries to stop the spread of the pandemic that is taking over the globe.



Peeples – I know that Tyler Perry has the Midas touch because he has such a loyal fan base, however, I am calling this one a sleeper because I think with the crossover appeal of Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson, Perry might be able to attract a more diverse audience than his usual offerings. It won’t be about how many people see it but who sees it. Also, David Alan Grier plays Kerry’s father. *two snaps*

The Purge – Overcrowding in prisons has reached a tipping point so the US government decides to sanction 12-hour periods of lawlessness, all crimes are legal. During this time, law-abiding citizens like Ethan Hawk and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones’ Cersei Lannister, woot woot) must protect their homes. The fact that the premise of this thriller puts it in the realm of possibilities makes it that much creepier.


White House Down – I know what you’re thinking, isn’t this moving coming out in a couple weeks? Nope this is a different White House invasion movie. But this one sees your Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman and raises you a Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. In this movie Jamie Foxx is President, First Lady is Garcelle Beauvais and the bad guys are paramilitary not terrorists. Huge difference I know.



After Earth – I am going to be perfectly honest…this does not loo good. Will Smith and his son Jaden team up a second time to play a father and son a second time in a movie that couldn’t be more different from Pursuit of Happyness. Star power alone will get people in theater seats; I just they prove me wrong.

Much Ado About Nothing – Joss Whedon does Shakespeare with actors from his cult shows Buffy, Angel and Firefly, be still my heart. This has me creating a new word “nerd-splosion”.

The Heat –Truth is I am torn as to whether pairing up Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy for a cop-buddy movie is going to be too much or just right. Bullock is golden in most everything and I’ve loved McCarthy since Gilmore Girls, I just want it to be good!!

Not satisfied? I understand completely. We have some mid-summer gems for you coming in Part 2.

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