Wanna Get Away?

BEachAs the hours tick away and you sit trapped inside your cubicle thoughts of beaches, boats and beautiful people will flood your mind. It’s that time once again as the warm weather months bring about vacation season. Weekend road trips and days away become the motive as jet setters and road trippers alike look for any way to get away. With so many different options, here are a few suggestions to appease your vacation appetite.

Spring and summer vacations can be broken down into those where you want to relax and those where the mission is to party so hard that you will need that video camera to remember even being away. To do so, you can decide to go on a relaxing trip to a beach to hang out; visit one of the popular cities around the country or even stay home for what’s become the practice known as the “staycation.” No matter what you pick, a number of options exist for your enjoyment.

Cities to See

VegasThere are cities throughout the country that just illicit the idea of having a fun time. Each year tourists flock to different locations to experience something different that they can’t quite find at home. You would be hard pressed to not enjoy a vacation in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas,  New Orleans or Miami. But be forewarned – do not go with the intention to “relax” because that would clearly result in you wasting your money. Instead get ready for event filled days and even later nights (depending on your tastes). If any of these locations fit your plans and you can get a group of friends to go, a city to see would fit your vacation plans for this year.

Beach Beauties

Fun in the sun is always enticing when talking about a summer vacation. Just imagine lying on a beach chair already tipsy from the drink in hand while gorgeous, nearly nude women and men move about. Perhaps this is the best setting available when trying to relax during the warmer months of the year and get the drains of work off of your mind. Beaches in Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica and even the Cayman Islands will give you everything that you desire with a getaway. While those trips can become costly, options such as Living Social and Groupon can make them more expensive if purchased at the right time.


So you have this vacation time to use, but can’t go anywhere “special” for one reason or another? Then try out the staycation for a change of pace. Taking a few days off to create some experiences from home will give you the vacation feeling without the hassles of road trips or airports. Living within a major metro area can give you access to a number of different experiences that you may or may not have known about. You can even take a short trip to a beach or another location if you can return home later that night. You don’t always have to go somewhere outrageous to have a great experience as you can get all the joys of a vacation right from home.

Vacation time is here people. Find a way to get up and get out of the house; even if you can’t hit the road or the skies for an exciting trip. Find a way to enjoy some time away from it all to push through the spring and summer months.


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