Looking For A Party? Then Ask The Party Radar

PartyRadarSocial media gives you access to nearly anything that you may want to know at a moment’s notice. Not only will you find out about the latest trends within any talking points; you can find out some ideas for how to spend your night out. The Party Radar (@Party_Radar) on Twitter is working to build itself into the number one facilitator of everything going on within the night life.

1. Where did the idea of the Party Radar come from?

The idea came about as we were college students at a small university looking for the move for the night and no way of finding out, so we made calls, text people, and still wasn’t successful and we knew we weren’t the only people feeling this way so after graduation and some planning we decided to go for it and create The Party Radar so everyone knows where the party at no matter where they are at.

> 2. How large is the following/reach of the Party Radar?

We started off with a small following but its growing daily, we now are having our logo stamped on party flyers and people are sending us parties now so that we can put them on The Radar, so we say its growing but nowhere were we want it to be.

> 3. What is the mission of the Party Radar?

Our mission is to become the number one place to find and post parties nationwide for everyone, regardless of preference, for now through twitter and soon our website that’s due to launch this year.

> 4. Where have you seen some of the best events in the social world?

So far this year we’ve seen many huge parties. It’s so hard to name a few of them because it’s so many, it’s like every state does their thing as far as nightlife and giving the people in their area a place to enjoy the nightlife.

> 5. Why should people follow and interact with the Party Radar?

People should interact with us because we’re for the people, we created this for the people to help them find out the “move” or where it’s going down at any specific night. And also to help promoters who are out here day and night trying to get an edge, so in a nutshell we’re a service for the people that they should and have been taken full advantage of.

> 6. How important is social media when it comes to promoting events today?

Its huge, most people spend their time on their phones socializing via text, email, and social media so if you have a message or service you’re trying to get out there its best to get all over the social media so that people can become familiar with you, no need to have a great service no one heard of.

> 7. How can promoters get their events featured by the Party Radar?

Promoters can simply email us for the details and go from there, every case is different and requires more or less than others so we try to serve everyone on a personal level helping them the best we can.

> 8. How is the party radar different from other groups that promote events?

I would say we’re a brand for one, and because we cover the whole US and, we cover parties of all types that people want promoted, we aren’t stuck to just nightclubs and hip-hop venues, we cover everyone for everyone, there’s so many options with us because we don’t discriminate or leave any parties out, we do it all.

> 9. What are the best methods that promoters should use to get their events out to the public? Social media and ground work in the streets, get it in the public eye by any means.

> 10. What’s next for the Party Radar?

We have so much going on behind the scenes its ridiculous, We plan on sponsoring DJs and building our own Party Radar DJs team of some of the best DJs around the country, our website where parties from all over the country can be found and posted, and the phone app soon after, and more goodies we can’t disclose of right now but it’s so much we have planned and currently working on behind the scenes.

We like to say thank you for choosing us for this interview and everyone who’s supporting the movement, follow us today on twitter @Party_Radar and be on the lookout for ThePartyRadar.Com which is coming soon.


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