The Happiest Hour Of The Day

HappyHourThe work day is done. It’s 5:46pm and you’re not quite yet ready to go home but at the same time you’re not looking forward to getting decked out to hit the night scene once again. So what do you do? Insert said happy hour into your schedule and all of your answers will be solved; at least for that evening.

In basic standards “happy hour” is nothing more than a marketing term used by bars and restaurants to create various drink and food specials to get patrons into their locations during the early evening. Customers can find all types of discounted drink and food deals at just about any venue in your area. Even major chain restaurants offer happy hour specials for those looking for a bite and sip right after work. However, what’s started as an advertising ploy has become a staple of the social culture today.

In major metro areas numbers of people scour the city for new happy hour deals and find multiple on every block. The happy hour has turned from a quick stop to a start of an action packed night that can lead into the early morning.

HappyHour1Venues are now using their happy hour format to entice visitors into their doors and keeping them their throughout the night. Event promoters are kicking off their weekend events with happy hour specials at one location, just to take the “night cap” over to another spot across town. Popular personalities, athletes and music stars are now hosting happy hours for astronomical appearance fees. All because people are looking for every opportunity they can to be seen in a social setting. But how do you know if you’ve chosen the right happy hour to attend? These pointers will help you out:

  • Time: Happy hours used to be available for only 1 to 2 hours of the early evening, but now cities have created the opportunity to stay open for much longer. For example, in 2011 Philadelphia extended their happy hour from 2 to 4 hours every day – giving people more time to enjoy cheaper drinks and food. So when looking for a happy hour to attend check the time, because without it, it’s not really happy hour at all.
  • Prices: The main point of going to a “HH” is to get the same drinks and food that you would get late at night for a cheaper cost. What’s the point of going out early if you’re going to pay the same price you would late at night?
  • Venue: We all have our favorite places to frequent and this will surely play a role in where you choose to go. The most popular places can offer the best deals, but don’t forget if you’re having a great time and look up and it’s after happy hour – those drink costs will shoot up, so close that tab early folks.

Everyone loves happy hour, so take advantage of the lowered prices. Eat, drink and be merry – while saving a few bucks at the same time.


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