The Reinvention of Modern Dating

onlinedatingBack when I was young I thought that at almost 27 years of age I would be in a steady, happy, committed relationship with wedding bells ringing in my ears soon. Probably also planning to pop out a kid or two by age 28. Boy how things change in real life!

In actuality I am quickly approaching 30, single, no current serious boyfriend prospects and have been out there looking in the DMV, since 2009. I’ve probably ran the gamut of dating in the area too: I’ve met the club scene guys who only want a “good time,” the guys who work on the hill who seem to be into themselves a little too much and the ones who initially seem promising but never fail to disappoint as they attempt to coax you for a “movie night” at their apartment for your first date. What’s a girl to do?

Alas, online dating! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, as well as staring at our smartphones 24 hours a day, why not move the dating scene online?

Back in 2009 I initially joined eHarmony out of curiosity as to who would actually be on there but now, four years later, I still find myself embarking in the online dating world. In the last five years I have been a member of eHarmony, Match, Plenty of Fish and okCupid. I also tried a free trial of ChristianMingle once and am tempted to see what Chemistry is all about. Is it an addiction…maybe. I think it’s more of a quest to find “the one,” if he even exists.

Just like anything else there are multiple pros and cons of being on online dating sites.  The biggest con I’ve found is that some socially awkward or crazy people that I never would talk to in real life all of a sudden have instant access to me. No bueno.

Online-DatinYet, on the flip side I’ve also found different men who might live in a region I don’t frequent or a scene I don’t know about, who I end up getting along great with. Bottom line is, online you can meet people that are also looking for something serious, who don’t frequent the bar and club scene and that you have common interests with if you do it right. This is mainly due to the fact you guys are reviewing each other’s profiles, pictures and interests before ever having your first conversation. I actually would consider myself pretty successful online and have met one of my ex-boyfriends (who I still think is cool peoples) and a good friend who got me the job I have today.

To sum it up, it’s up to you to decide if online dating is for you. I say if you are feeling discouraged about who you’re meeting now without online dating give it a try, you don’t have much to lose besides a few dollars. But you tell me?


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