DAKA Entertainment and Event Planning: Bringing a Different Vibe to the DMV

daka imageEvents and entertainment planning is an industry that is still in its youthful phases. Professionals have found a niche in a market place that allows them the opportunity to create and organize a variety of events. Within that industry, DAKA has grown into a company that has created a number of events meant to draw out the young professional class that doesn’t intend to spend all of their time partying in clubs. With the potential for even more growth, this will be a group to watch.

Originally started in 2004, DAKA (which stands for Dea Sloan, Ashley Prince, Krystal McCray – Brown and Adrian White) was brought together by four best friends that shared an affinity for hosting events while at Hampton University. Upon graduation the friends stayed close and decided to bond together to go from a simple hobby into a functioning business. Now DAKA is known for hosting such events as their “Ladies Night In” and the “Dessert and Champagne Party.”

Their feature event, the Linganore Caribbean Wine Fest Party Bus has become one of their most popular annual events. After receiving multiple requests to throw a party bus tour to the event, DAKA put together their first excursion in 2012. While traveling to the wine festival on the party bus, partakers are given the opportunity to fellowship together in a way that truly brings everyone together. One, often overlooked, benefit of the way DAKA has planned this event is that participants get to enjoy all of the variety of wines during the festival while not putting anyone in danger of driving back afterwards. A true mark of event planning expertise. Set for Saturday, May 25th those interested can find out more information here.

When faced with so many different challenges within the industry, DAKA still finds a way to get the job done. As with any small company, capital has been their top challenge but the group still finds a way to pull together towards success.

“Nothing is more rewarding then successfully being able to plan an event and have it run smoothly the day of,” said Adrian White. “I don’t think an event planner will ever get enough of that gratifying feeling that things went smoothly.”

Outside of the wine tour and other events mentioned, DAKA has put together a number of other programs that are meant to target the DMV’s young adult population. The demographic they have impacted the most tends to be around the ages of 21 to 40, college educated and socially active within the area. While so many people get tired of the club scene; DAKA has found a way to attract them out with events such as their Charity Flag Football and Fish Fry or their Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.

Looking forward, DAKA is working towards increasing their profitability with the intention of purchasing a venue that can be used to host future events. These goals should be attainable as they have developed a reputation of hosting well thought out events.

With so many different event companies being created in the DMV area and beyond, it’s important that those groups are known for professionalism and well planned events. DAKA already has a head start in both of those areas so expectations for great things can be seen on their horizon.


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