Social Media to the Next Level

Twitter-VineEvery month there seems to be a new social media platform that promises to bring users another innovative way to interact with their friends and followers. Developing social media platforms has become a very lucrative industry, especially since major companies are starting to see value in marketing and advertising to the millions of users online. As this online medium continues to grow, these three outlets have become the “new kids on the block” to watch for the rest of 2013.


Purchased by Twitter in October of 2012; Vine had its debut in January of this year. The mobile app allows users to create videos that can be up to six seconds long and shared across other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

What makes Vine so interesting is that it has applications in both the marketing/sales side of the Internet, as well as, the opportunity to affect journalism. Major companies can create repeating commercials to reach their hordes of followers, while journalists can take videos of news while it happens. In the online race to reach the most people the fastest, Vine certainly has its place with users.


Yep, THAT MySpace is back and improved with changes that social media users should find captivating. One of the grandfathers of social media, MySpace’s rebirth is truly inspired by majority stakeholder Justin Timberlake and has the potential to shake up the music industry.

The “New” MySpace is looking to become the go to location for music lovers and those hoping to get their creations out to the masses. Developed with the intention to give musical brands the opportunity to interact across all platforms; MySpace looks to become a major player with those looking to use the Internet to spread their music and avoid the mess of dealing with big music corporations.


Face it. Many of us use social media to stroke our ego and hope our friends tell us how great we are. Thumb is a crowd sourcing social media app that gives you another option for gathering opinions on what you’re doing at this moment.

The application is very simple when explained. Users will upload an image while their followers give their opinion with thumbs up or thumbs down. Sometimes simple is the best way to go as multiple companies can use the outlet to get the opinions of their consumers before they make a costly mistake in their marketplace. Thumb will not only give users a chance to feel “liked” once again, but will have its place in the world of advertising and marketing as well.

As we all turn to electronics to become more social, these platforms look to take their place among the important outlets in 2013.  


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