Socially Irresponsible

social_media_dislikeSocial media has given us an unprecedented level of access to people who are in our lives and others that we may barely know. In an instant we can make weekend plans, get introduced to a new friend or find out what new pair of sneakers we should buy. Online interactions are at an all time high and seem to be consistently changing as new applications are introduced. With that being said, the more things change and “improve,” we as users have to be smart to avoid being socially irresponsible.

In a few keys strokes we can there’s a number of different ways we can impact our base of followers. People can be funny, inspirational and informative all at once. But what happens when we’re accidently irresponsible and offend? In mere moments that social misstep can be spread for all to see and hear; leaving a wake of “party fouls” unlike any other. At that moment, what you thought to be a joke or just random thought has now caused people to attack you across multiple fronts.

choiceSo many people use social media to try to “shock and awe” everyone as to how edgy and over the top they are. While it’s all funny at first, be forewarned that everything you do and say online is followed in some form or fashion. Even if you didn’t mean to, there’s a good chance that you’ve just created a post, video, tweet or picture that can cost you a job, friend or potential opportunity in the future. You may have thought it was nothing but that won’t stop the “public” for becoming upset.

The only way to avoid the mistake of becoming socially irresponsible is to simply don’t do it. Listen to the inner conscience that is telling you not to say whatever it is that you want to say. It’s funny for a moment but don’t be one of those individuals that believe you can hide behind a computer or phone screen. We all have to interact with flesh and blood people at some point throughout the day. Don’t give them a reason to think that you’re not worth their time or efforts because that can come back to haunt you for a life time.


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