Wet and Wild Time: The Pool Party Edition

vegas-pool-partyEveryone is watching the weather in anticipation of that moment. What moment you ask? The moment when it’s hot enough to justify the pool party; the Mecca of summer social events. While we aren’t quite there yet, the idea is dancing around in everyone’s mind right this moment. So as you sit and dream about the pending pool parties in your future, here are some thoughts that you must be sure to include when those moments of wet entertainment occur.

As with any other big event that is hosted throughout major metro areas, there will usually be a promoter of some sort attached. When looking for a pool party to attend, be sure to go to those that are pushed by the best promoters in your area. The reason is because you want to ensure that the best looking people will be in attendance. Yes, the pool tends to attract the attractive but that doesn’t mean you should take the most important part for granted. Who wants to be at a pool party where they don’t want to see anyone in their best bathing suits? That’s right; the correct answer is no one.

Venue is the next step when choosing your poolside stay. Just choosing any pool is never good enough so be careful when looking up locations. For example The Pool After Dark in Atlantic City and Rehab in Las Vegas are two of the first places that come to mind for exciting pool parties. Yet, if you can’t make it out to either location, keep a close eye for what’s available in your area. Many of the promoters are partnering with the best hotels in the area that have pools on site. Finding a suitable venue shouldn’t be hard at all.

pool-hard-rock-hotel-casino-v303585-800Now the difficult part: what do you do when you get there? We’ve all seen the picture that shows two different pool parties. One group is packed in the water while the other shows everyone sitting on the outside. Don’t be that group. For the men, this means learning how to actually swim. You don’t want to be that guy doggie paddling in the shallow end. Ladies, don’t be afraid to get your hair wet. Besides, this gives you the opportunity to hug up on that guy you like while you act like you can’t actually swim. Either way, everyone wins.

So take a trip to the mall and pick out a new bathing suit. Knock out a few crunches and pushups to give you that good “pump” before you make your half naked debut. Its pool party season so take full advantage of it before the cold air comes blowing once again.


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