Vlogging For Views & Fame

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Internet has given everyone their own “space” to vent, complain and entertain. The access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging gives us multiple opportunities to make your voice heard via the World Wide Web. Each of these options has given birth to the next phase of online entertainment and at this point, it seems as if this form of virtual soap box is here to stay.

When you take a blogger and give them a video camera you get a combination that is now known as vlogging (video + blogging.) Grabbing a video camera and talking about whatever is on your mind can take you from a relative nobody, to an Internet sensation. Look no further than individuals such as Jenna Marbles or Swoozie; two Internet personalities that have built their brand through YouTube and both become stars that are known in multiple states and countries.

What is it that makes vlogging so much more attractive than other options for online communication? The simplicity behind it is much more akin to the fast pace of our everyday lives. Instead of having to sit down in front of a computer and put together an articulate blog post; vloggers can whip out their smart phone and record themselves in a matter of seconds.  Then, they can upload it directly to their website and YouTube with a few swipes of the keypad. Boom. In a matter of moments their weekly obligation to their viewers is complete.

YouTubeVlogging has also caught the eye of online advertisers who see the outlet as an opportunity to present their services and products to the viewers. Instead of the low returns that are typical with ad campaigns through blogs, video blogging  allows advertisers to include their commercials at the start of videos, making them almost mandatory to watch before the requested content can be viewed. Vloggers are also recouping revenue through these views and making more money as their content is consistently viewed.

The flexibility of YouTube also gives the creative individuals the opportunity to do such things as develop web series, co-host other blogs and develop full blown movies. This ability to create nearly anything continues to attract more people to the world of vlogging on a daily basis.

If you’re looking to get on soap box and let the whole world know what you’re feeling the world of vlogging should be your outlet. Vent, communicate or develop full blown shows; whatever you want – just know that this can be the bridge to the entertainment world that you’ve been looking for through the Internet.


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