The Group Getaway 101


It’s summer time and the long awaited vacation is on nearly everyone’s agenda.  Now the difficult part comes when its time to plan the group trip for everyone to make it to a set location. Big plans to go to Vegas, South Beach, Cancun and a host of other places await, but the first step is to find a way to plan it and please everyone in attendance.

The group getaway is quite the under taking and can be a blast if planned the right way. However, if goes wrong, it can not only become a massive waste of money but can damage relationships beyond repair. Taking these steps can potentially ease the stress while making sure everyone has a fantastic time on the trip.

Start Early

By early, that means four to six months in advance. Take the time to give everyone a heads up to dates, locations and prices. This gives the group enough time to request vacation time, get money together and provide input on the trip itself. As with anything else in life, waiting until the last minute to get planning spells disaster when trying to put together a group trip.

Set a Budget

With every trip there will be those who seem to want to have the most amount of fun while spending the least amount of money. That can become a serious problem when going to some places that require the propensity to spend money. Food, clubs and activities all cost money so the group doesn’t want to be held back because one person doesn’t want to spend the money they should have been saving for this trip. Setting a budget before the group even gets on the plane sets the tone for how much cash everyone should expect to spend, making the whole vacation much easier.

Set the Itinerary

Group1While it’s a good idea to be flexible when on group trips but that doesn’t mean to come into the location without a game plan. When traveling to a vacation spot such as Vegas, there are a number of attractions that can grab your attention. It’s impossible to go to all of them so have an idea of the spots that stand out the most and have an open mind of when to play it by ear. There will always be one individual who tries to offer suggestions but having plans beforehand will help keeping the group together much easier.

Group trips can often be exciting and create a number of memories for a lifetime. Yet, planning them takes more than just sending out one email a month before. Taking the time to follow these steps will help create an enjoyable outing for everyone which is always the goal.


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