Can You Come Get Me?


Going out can be the highlight of many people’s lives. Once the weekend comes around the allure of drinks, music and beautiful people gets some individuals excited at the simple mention. Feeding off of those people are the event promoters who host and push the most popular venues and events to the public. Each week they build a larger following of supporters who come out to their events on a weekly basis. Yet, at the same time their number one problem hits their phone more often. The “I’m at the door, can you come get me?” text.

In a world where everyone looks to show up “fashionably late” it is normal for people to show up to events well after they have started. Unfortunately. This usually includes showing up when the venues have implemented cover charges that can start at twenty dollars per person. Instead of being turned away, there party goers decide to text their favorite promoter asking the simple question to “come get them at the door.” Seems quite easy, but think about just how many times that promoter can get asked that question in the course of a night.

Outside1Guest lists for free entry and open bars still don’t seem to keep people from arriving a little early to avoid the hindrances that may occur at the door. No one wants to deal with the embarrassment that can come from being turned away at the door; but at the same time promoters don’t want to strain their relationships with these club managers by letting multiple people in for free.

The problem is even compounded when an event has been promoted for an extended amount of time and instead of purchasing early price tickets, some patrons would rather wait until the night of to try to said event for free. Instead of truly supporting the friends and purchasing a ticket, the expectation to get in free due to someone they know is “par for the course” within the events industry.

Party promoters deal with enough stress when it comes to getting people out to their events on a weekly basis. The frequent requests to come to the door are often ignored because they can be avoided. If you really want to support the promoters hosting the event, show up early or be willing to pay to see their business become a success because “come get me” is more of a hassle than you may believe.


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