Event Ideas for Social Promotions


Partying is one of the most attractive aspects of the social life and draws people out into the streets on a nightly basis. Yet, that still doesn’t mean the partakers do not get complacent with the same type of events thrown on a weekly basis. Instead, throwing in a mixture events has the potential to keep many enticed and bring out new adventurers looking to have a good time.

The Bar Crawl:

A staple for many but the bar crawl is an event series that can be brought out by many promotions groups to capture the availablity of local bars. The whole idea of the bar crawl is to take patrons from location to location in an effort to drink as much as possible. In major metro areas where bars are often close to one another, the bar crawl is a popular idea to get groups of people together and make new associations at the same time. Some groups even include full blown themes into their bar crawls such as popular Santa Claus or Where’s Waldo bar crawls.

Late Night Dinner Party:

The late night dinner party is a new idea that can be used to introduce a more mature crowd and help build a partnership with a new restaurant as they are looking to develop new business in their area. This event is simply a late night dinner that gives the venue an opportunity to show off its best menu items with the potential of becoming a small scale party in the later hours. Patrons will make reservations and be able to purchase entrees from a limited menu highlighting the best meals available. Throw in a DJ and the ability to move tables for a dance floor and there’s an event that can keep people interested once a month or so.

barcrawl2Costume Party:

Halloween comes around once a year, but why not throw in the random costume party because everyone loves to dress up. All promoters need to do is give their following a reason to want to party and dress up and then boom – there’s the costume party that everyone was waiting to attend. Halloween is in October when it’s generally cold, so just think of the great costumes that could be put together in the middle of the summer.

It’s that simple. Event promotions is much more difficult than many individuals may believe it to be, so staying original should be a primary goal. New events that are outside of the norm for your demographic is the best way to go.


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