LinkedIn Should Be Your First Social Network Priority

The social media world continues to grow as there seems to be a new platform introduced every month. However that doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of those that have been a part of the industry for an extended period of time. While LinkedIn has been around for ten years, it is slowly becoming the most important social media platform for the business world and professional practitioners.

We are not going to get into the whole debate as to what is LinkedIn because if you consider yourself a professional in any sense of the world, you should already have an active profile. The purpose here is to reiterate why everyone who is looking to make an impact in the business world should have a LinkedIn profile and the reason why this platform has the potential to usurp all the others in the industry.

The whole purpose of LinkedIn is to establish professional contacts that can lead to something promising down the line. Looking for a new job? LinkedIn has that. Looking for a connection to start your own business? LinkedIn has that. Looking for a platform to promote what you are currently doing? LinkedIn has that as well. Professionals who are not active on this platform have already stifled their growth in multiple ways.

Take this into consideration: 49 percent of LinkedIn users have a household income that is at least $100K per year. Compare that number to the 30 percent of Google + users making that same amount or the low 16 percent of Facebook users making $100 thousand per year and you will see the stark difference. This platform is about business and the proper execution of it, so participate in kind when making your move to LinkedIn.

If social media is truly your thing and establishing your brand for long term success is one of your goals; take the time to be effectively active on LinkedIn. While it may seem like a place for suits and ties, it’s really the adults’ table of the social media world.


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