Atlantic City or Bust


The summer is drawing to a close so getting in the last of vacations has become the priority to many. For those in the north east taking a quick weekend swing to Atlantic City can quell the need for a full blown vacation. With that in mind, here’s some suggestions for making the most out of any trip to one of the most popular locations in New Jersey.

Locking down a room is always the first part of any trip and Atlantic City has more than enough for to choose from. If cost isn’t a question, which it shouldn’t be on any trip, then Harrah’s Resort should be the first and only option. One of the country’s major casino chains; Harrah’s offers a number of amenities that would entertain anyone during their trip. While the room costs can easily hit more than $300 for a weekend, there are enough factors in play that make the cost acceptable.

The casino features all of the big games that will attract the low and high rollers out for an exciting weekend. Table games, slot machines and poker galore await those who are looking for different ways to win and lose their money in a moment’s notice. You can even look for specific games that the venue may include but aren’t as popular with other players.


If you’re more interested in the night life and staying up until the crack of dawn, then staying at Harrah’s will meet all of your needs as well. The Pool After Dark is one of the most popular venues in the region and was even voted “Mega Club of the Year” by Nightclub and Bar magazine in 2011. Mixing the allure of the high life of a popular night club with the overall excitement of a pool party; The Pool After Dark is the best spot in the area to satisfy your need for late night partying.

For those on the East Coast traveling out to Las Vegas, Miami or Los Angeles may be more than a hassle than many are willing to deal with. Atlantic City is a more manageable trip that can be planned or taken on a whim. When doing so, Harrah’s Resort is the location that should be on your radar for the best weekend possible.


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