Quick Videos, Quick Exposure


As always, new social media platforms pop up and jockey for the attention of millions of users. The newest trend seems to be the creation of video snippet technology that allows users to create recordings in short segments. Vine was one of the bigger platforms and we’ve highlighted them in the past; but Instagram video has pushed in on their turf. Whatever the system that you use; video snippets are an interesting form of social media and the uses of such a platform create a myriad of opportunities.

Vine was debuted this past January and immediately caught fire as the creators of the system claim it has reached nearly 13 million users. Instagram caught wind of the opportunity and established their own video platform which hosted a number of benefits over the original. However, this isn’t about the two competitors jockeying for dominance of the video snippet industry.

InstagramVideoLogoWhether it is 6 or 15 seconds, there are a number of things that a user can do with these platforms. Users have begun to use these videos as episodes in television shows that have appeared on YouTube and across social media channels. Regular people can now become the director and producer of a storyline that would not have made it anywhere near an executive with the power to put the idea into development. As with many other forms of social media; Vine and Instagram have created an opening into a world that is not fully welcoming of “regular” people with great or entertaining ideas.

While all of the content that is found on these platforms isn’t worth the seconds it would take to view them; that doesn’t mean that gems can’t be found amongst the masses. Such as YouTube has been used to find a new generation of content creators; the same can be said for Vine and Instagram. In the end, these platforms can help establish a love for video production that may have not been known to the person behind the camera at an earlier time.


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