Having Fun At Home


Many people enjoy going out to spend time with their friends. Yet, there are those individuals who are just as social, but prefer to avoid the crowded bars and night clubs found in every metro area. So what are they to do? A few weeks ago we chronicled event ideas for social promotions; now we take a look at some ways that “home bodies” can have events at their humble abode while partaking in the company of their friends.

Game Night
Who doesn’t enjoy a good board game or two? We all remember the nights growing up that were spent with friends and family members playing the likes of Guess Who, Uno or Monopoly. Since we are now “adults” that doesn’t mean these games have lost any of their fun value. Invite over a group of friends, turn on some music and dive into these classics. Games that involve some form of partnership are always fun to get a battle of the sexes or different couples going. With so many adult games coming out its easier to find something that entices the whole group to play. Throw in some food and alcohol and you will have a party on your hands that everyone can enjoy.

latenightcookoutLate Night Cookout
Traditionally, cookouts are held during the midday to get everyone out of the house to enjoy great food and socializing. In the summer, no one wants to be caught outside in the glaring heat. So why not have a cookout after the sun goes down? You can have the same experience of the friends and food without the sweat stains and complaints about how hot it is in the middle of June. This event will have a more adult feel to it and its even easier to invoke the “no children allowed” clause since the festivities will occur so late at night.

Movie Night
Everyone has a group of friends that enjoys a good movie or two. Bringing everyone together to view their favorite flick is a good way to stay in the house while hanging out with the people that are closest to you. Each week one individual gets to select the movie for the group while the others provide food and beverages. The rotating schedule ensures that everyone does their part to chip in. Over time this can become a frequent edition to your weekend activities. With so many popular television shows on, some individuals host a similar event every week when a new episode comes on that everyone will enjoy.

Going out is a big part of the social world, but staying in is just as enjoyable. Ideas such as these will keep you in the house but that doesn’t mean they will keep you from having fun.


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