The Rebirth of MySpace


Many individuals believe that social media began when Facebook was created back in 2004 and grew to become a mainstream powerhouse. Before that occurred there were a number of other platforms that tried to use the Internet to bring people closer together. Many of those aren’t around anymore but one in particular is ready for a rebirth that shouldn’t be ignored. That platform is known as MySpace.

There’s a strong probability that the early phase of MySpace is a well known platform by anyone that has played around with social networking platforms. The system became very popular by musicians who were looking to disseminate their music to their followers, while creating new opportunities for their career. The new MySpace continues these efforts while adding a few new wrinkles.

myspace-logoUnlike other social networking websites; it is clear that MySpace is tailored towards the entertainment industry. When signing up you’re asked to designate yourself as a member or within many different roles that include promoter, musician, athlete and venue. The site is built to promote the sharing of multimedia content while tailoring each person’s experience based on the sections that the individual has chosen. Still, the platform is more tailored towards the music industry and with the strides that artists are making in creating their careers online, MySpace will become a valuable tool.

It will be interesting to see how MySpace capitalizes on the online music industry to generate revenue and grow membership. Platforms such as Reverbnation and Red Bull Sound stage have become the front runners for musicians to push their career. If MySpace is looking to cater towards that demographic while bringing in general members they will have to offer something different than current platforms. Having an industry front man such as Timberlake should go a long way in drawing attention to the redesigned MySpace.

The new MySpace hasn’t made the move for a full relaunch but it will be interesting to see where the platform goes from here. The entertainment world is a captivating aspect of the social life that keeps people coming back for more. If this platform can cultivate that audience more than their competitors then the new MySpace may be onto something and moving back towards success.


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