Grading Your Spring & Summer


As the weather slowly begins to change and we’re forced to say our final good byes to summer, there should be time made to sit back and recollect on the days just spent. The spring and summer months are often some of the most enjoyable of the year. While thinking about them this guide will help you “grade” your summer to see just how well it went.

A Grades:

Give your summer an A if you had the opportunity to go out of the country. Travel abroad is often one of the many goals that are planned during this time of year. Jet setting for a vacation can be costly, but the memories are very much worth it. Island beaches such as Punta Cana or historical cities like Rome await all those with a passport and the discretionary spending to afford going away. Even some of the less expensive cruises will give you the opportunity to see other countries so if you jumped on a boat for a few days that traveled through international waters, could yourself in.

B Grades:

Traveling to other cities is a good way to escape the doldrums of everyday life. Major attractions such as Las Vegas, Nevada or South Beach, Miami keep people coming back each and every year. Whether you had the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor clubs such as Wet Republic or just see the scenery; going to another major city gives you the chance to appreciate some of the differences within your home country.

CruiseC Grades:

If you are caught up for time or unable to afford a vacation, you can still have an enjoyable summer at home. Living near a major metro area gives you the opening to enjoy some of the attractions that can make for a fun time with friends and family. Surely there are day and road trips that you can make locally to experience new aspects of your area. Enjoying your summer doesn’t have to involve blowing your budget, so if you were unable to do extensive travel but found other ways to have fun – give yourself a C.

D & F Grades:

Everyone can’t be great all year. D and F grades are for those that were not able to do too many things outside the norm. If you didn’t get to step foot inside a pool at some point this year, then you definitely deserve that score. Didn’t get to enjoy a cookout with friends? Then you have failed yourself during the spring and summer. This time of year is all about enjoying your closest friends and family while basking in the sun. If you were unable to do much of any, then you’ve officially failed the spring and summer test.

Get the most out of these last days of summer. Once fall hits there isn’t any looking back as “cuffin season” will be in full effect. Don’t fret if you have to grade yourself low this year; the hot days will be back. And when they come back, strive to do better!




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