Cold Weather Chonicles: Snowboarding

Snowboarding2At the Social Platform we are all about trying new experiences in order to branch out your social world. As the summer months draw to a close and the temperature drops, very few people are thinking of the winter options that await. Even though it’s not hot outside and pools are closed; that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to have fun for the rest of 2013. The first activity we are going to look into for our winter showcase is one that’s very popular but still has a very niche following: snowboarding.

Whether you’ve seen it on television or have friends that partake; snowboarding is a winter time activity that can be challenging and fun all at the same time. Even though there are some mountains that are available throughout the year, the beginning of snowfall kicks off the prime time to hit the slopes.

Snowboarding1If you’re completely new to the idea of strapping yourself to a board and sliding down a hill of snow and ice, it’s best to talk to some of your friends that know what they are doing. Getting a group together to go on a riding trip is always the best idea. They can give you some tips on how to actually snowboard without killing yourself and may have some extra gear for you to use. Snowboarding may seem difficult, and it will be your first time up the hill, listening to their tips will give you some much needed insight.

Most mountains will give you a training course that you can take alone or within a group. Get as much help as you can before trying any of the more difficult trails. Your ego won’t be the only thing that’s hurt if you take a tragic tumble for all to see.

The Cold Weather Chronicles will help you find ways to spend your fall and winter months enjoying your friends rather than stuck in the house. This week we’re looking at snowboarding as one of the more exciting activities you should take part in some time this year.


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