The Must Have List For Your Game Night

COHWhether you like it or not the cold weather is coming and the excuses to stay in the house are rising. Friends won’t hit you up as often and the long line outside of your favorite venue will be enough of a reason for you to reconsider going out. So before you sequester yourself into the home, a few items must be procured to ensure that you can entertain friends and family that will find them within your home for “stay in nights.”

Cards against Humanity

This game is comedy in the making because it allows players to laugh themselves silly while being rude and belligerent. Get together a group of your closest friends and break out this new game for some original entertainment during a fall or winter game night. As the website states this is “A free party game for horrible people.” On the inside, everyone wants to be “the bad guy” so playing Cards against Humanity is the closest that some may get to that fantasy.

Deck of Cards

Now we’ve just gone over a card game, but no household is complete without at least one deck of playing cards. There are so many different games that can be played with a simple 52 card deck. With the explosion of poker, the always popular spades and everyone knows how to at least play “Go-Fish,” so why not have a pack of cards in home to accommodate? For the more mature; there’s always a drinking game that can be created with a simple deck of cards.


Another group game that involves intelligence but gets more comical as friends freak out. Forcing everyone to quickly think on their feet to come up with ways to describe the topics is always funny to watch. And as with any game that involves adults, adding in the variable of alcohol will cause the game to get even more out of hand. Catchphrase is a must have for any cold weather game night.

Staying in is not always a bad thing. While spring and summer are behind us for sure, at least for now, finding a way to enjoy your friends with events such as a game night. These are some must have items for anyone looking to host their friends in their home.


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