From Behind The Screen: Online Video Gaming

OnlineGamingAs we’ve mentioned on the Social Platform in the past, one does not need to leave the house in order to be a social master. Inviting friends over to enjoy your home is another way to keep everyone entertained but out of the cold during these winter months. But what if you’re an introvert that doesn’t enjoy doing that as well? The world of video gaming can be your escape into a world of fantasy with a group of “friends.”

The world of playing video games on your lonesome has passed. With every new game and system that is released, the trend pushes developers to find new ways to incorporate multiplayer aspects into the equation. Whether players are engrossed in run and gun games such as the soon to be released Battlefield 4 or intense soccer matches within FIFA ’14; the result is always the same; screaming, yelling and most likely cursing players who are dead set on winning.

PS4 vs Xbox One compositeCurrent platforms like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have been vital in the growth of online gaming. As their next generation siblings are set to be released later this year that aspect of the video gaming community is continuing to explode. It’s becoming mandatory that games released today have a higher level of multiplayer capabilities than their older counter parts. This year’s industry conventions have revealed some captivating prospects that will grab gamers attention the minute they are placed on the shelves.

While video gaming has never been thought of as a vessel to help develop social interactions; online gaming does bring people together with a common goal. That goal can be to save the world from an alien invasion or to put up a 5-0 shut out on the pitch; the point is still the same – the Internet has once again found a way to bring people together who may not regularly interact in “real” life.


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