Doing It Right For Halloween

hangoverWe’re two weeks out from one of the best party nights of the year. That’s right, Halloween is upon us once again and this time the Social Platform is going to help YOU come up with the perfect costume idea. Whether your plans include a club event, company shindig or a party at a friends house; your effort should be just as strong. Halloween pictures tend to stick around the longest so let us help you look great in 2013.

When dressing up for Halloween originality is always key. Anyone can run to the store to buy a pirate or ninja costume so there isn’t any point in doing that. It seems that many woman are just looking in their close to pull out their most inappropriate (and that’s putting it lightly) clothing to go as a “sexy” version of something. That is also an overplayed card during this time of the year. Reality TV stars, athletes and other prominent personalities have all been done and are probably being done 100 times over that same night.

Instead, think outside of the box when you get dressed up on the 31st. You want to go as a superhero? That’s fine, but pick someone that isn’t Superman, Batman or Spiderman. Matter fact, anyone that has “man” on the end of it, leave that costume alone. Underplayed heroes such as The Flash, She Hulk or Gambit are always a nice touch. Remember, if you’re going to go as any version of the Hulk – full green body paint is a must.

armyGroup costumes are always a good idea as well but everyone has to buy in and go 100 percent for the cause. If the plan is to to dress up as the original Power Rangers, then that means every person must break out the spandex suits. Ninja Turtles? Then there better be four people in green body paint, turtle shells and face masks. Group costumes allow the clan to come up with some very unique ideas but the point is only made when everyone goes all in with the plan.

Adults seem to enjoy Halloween costumes more than children as they get older. Take the time to come up with something original so you can be the best memory of the night. With so many events hosting contests with cash prizes going to the best costume, you may actually walk away with a little added prize on the evening.


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