Love Lockdown

CuffingYou feel the chill in the air. The cool air replacing the suffocating heat, days shorten as hem lines lengthen. It’s signaling a pivotal changing of the leaves and changing of the guards in some cases…it’s cuffing season.

Ahhh yes cuffing season, what is that some of you may ask? It is that time of year where cool days and long nights compel many of us to find someone to snuggle up to – a partner for game night and a companion for holiday parties.

If you are wondering why the cutie you met in April all of the sudden wants to kick it or your ex wants to get together for drinks, ‘tis the season. Cuffing season makes all of those things you couldn’t stand about someone seem not so bad if they can be available a few nights a week. They don’t have a car, that’s cool because you do. You’re allergic to their dog, that’s what Benadryl is for. You think their friends are wack, you can keep interaction to a minimum.

Cuffing2Even the most ardent single and happy folk start to feel pangs of loneliness as their friends pair off. Your crew becomes a group of couples, all team activities default into their pairings. You stand tall because you know most of these “relationships” won’t last past MLK Day but you can’t help but want someone cute to cook you dinner on a regular basis. (If your hookup makes it to Valentine’s Day you are exponentially more likely to still be together when the weather warms up).

I had never heard the term “cuffing” until a couple years ago, unfortunately Urban Dictionary doesn’t have a “date of origin” but I’m sure we can all agree that it derived from the expressions “locked-down” and “ball and chain”. The idea being that getting into a relationship limits a person’s freedom, which is the essence of being cuffed. You aren’t looking for anything else (for now) because you have found your spooning buddy (for now). It is too cold to be out running the streets looking for someone new.

While cuffing season’s motivation is to “co-habitate” while you hibernate, some couples make it through the cold to emerge in spring months still intact.


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