Must See YouTubers

YouTubeWhen the Social Platform first kicked off a few months back one of the first areas we covered was the world of social media. Our piece on the growth of YouTube pointed towards the belief that the platform will become the premier social media outlet over time. As reports grow about YouTube’s web traffic gaining on that of Facebook, here is a look at some popular YouTube streams that have garnered large followings:

Jenna Marbles

If you’re looking for random comedy then Jenna Marbles is your channel to watch. She has one of the largest amount of subscribers on YouTube with more than 11 million people who wait for her weekly videos. She burst onto the scene back in 2010 when she uploaded a video titled “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking.” Since then that one video has had more than 52 million views and many of her other videos have hundreds of thousands of views, if not more. With uploads coming on Wednesday or Thursday of each, it’s very easy to get caught up in Jenna Marbles films for extended periods of time.


Adande, also known as Swoozie, is a very talented storyteller, animator and growing director. If his hilarious stories from life growing up in his shoes don’t get you, then his growth as a film director will. There is a real clear growth that can be seen from his first videos up to the ones that he creates today. He’s a really interesting YouTube personality because it’s clear that becoming a YouTube partner has helped open up doors that he may not have reached without the platform.

Black & Sexy TV

This channel is dedicated to full fledged web series that have been developed by the minds behind the scenes. There are a few different series that have been featured in season formats on this channel. With a little more than 54 thousand subscribers the channel is still developing amongst its minority targeted demographic. However, this is a great platform to watch as they hone their craft.

YouTube channels are slowly becoming an alternative for the monotony that is found on television. These channels, and many others, stand out for the quality content they present with every upload.


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